Pierre Koukjian

Pierre Koukjian (1962-)



To me Pierre Koukjian is an example of an immensely diverse artist with a strong artistic freedom.

A traveller at heart, working and living in different parts of the world, he is capable to catch and immortalize a moment, a character, a legend.

In his series “Impressive People” (2009-2010)  a collection of oil paintings, he captures with his strong lines and vibrant colours (following a technique from the Renaissance) the emotions of the heart and the soul of his personas.

He easily switches from traditional techniques to new (neon) works of art. In the latter he combines symbolic colours with expressions of current situations.

In his younger years, Koukjian excelled in the field of jewelry-making. As a designer for some of the world’s most recognised brands he won several awards.

In 2002 he launched his delaCour atelier where he creates and designs as a Chief designer timeless timepieces. delaCour’s award winning slogan “Since Tomorrow” stands for exclusive refinement and a constant look out for modernism and self-expression.

He is an artist reinventing himself constantly and avoiding the mainstream.

There is just one permanent element to his art: catching the heart of the people who love art.


Gerard Blijenberg

October 2011

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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